Happy birthday, VP Biden! Now please come host TODAY

Happiest of birthdays, Mr. Vice President!

We thought we'd take this opportunity — now that we have your one-year-older ear — to remind you that the offer still stands for you to guest co-host TODAY.

Al took to Vine this morning (as he’s prone to doing pretty much daily) to wish you a happy birthday, too. 

We know you and Al go way back. 

We don't know when the bromance ignited. Was it when you singled our very own anchor out along the parade route at January's presidential inauguration (it's no big deal that you "got heat" for the impromptu handshake)? Or maybe when you had a back-and-forth on Twitter about the offer (and didn't say no)?

Whenever it was, we know your affection will translate to the small screen. 

If you're still on the fence about hosting, we have a few more reasons you should — nay, must — anchor:

1. Al promised to make bacon waffles. As in bacon — cooked into waffles. Al calls it "a transport system for bacon, butter and syrup."

Remember when you posted this from your Twitter feed? The best.

2. We're willing to bring in water guns. We hear you enjoy them. Us too! We love water fights! 

3. Other media outlets agree.

4. TODAY has a Book Club! We noticed on your trip to Costco last year that you like books — in bulk. You could join Natalie for a literary chat.

5. We know how to have a good time. Did you by chance catch this year's Halloween celebration on the plaza? We saved Matt's costume for you!

6. Al thinks "Breakfast with Biden" would be the best reality TV show ever. You could make that reality a reality on TODAY!

TODAY fans: How bad do you want Joe Biden to co-host TODAY? Tweet #OrangeRoom to let us know.