'Finally!': TODAY plaza staple Linny comes into Studio 1A

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Meredith returns to TODAY for Linny, as her sign points out.

Meredith made a return trip to the TODAY plaza this morning holding up an amusing sign: "Forget Matt! Here for Linny." Minutes later, when Matt invited Meredith inside to make her big Olympic announcement, Matt told Meredith to bring Linny along with her.

Who’s Linny? Linny Boyette is TODAY's super fan. He stands outside on our plaza every day, rain or shine.

He and Meredith were close during her five years on the broadcast. She even took up a spot next to Linny the day she announced she was leaving the broadcast.

"Finally!" Ann joked was Linny's reaction. "After all of these years!"

Steve Veres is an editor for He's glad Linny finally got a chance to warm up after a winter of frigid temps.