Fact or Fiction spoiler alert! Savannah's fake story is...


Savannah Guthrie presented two stories during Thursday's Fact or Fiction segment. The hitch? One of the stories is true, and the other a complete fabrication.

Did you guess which is which? If not, go here to read both tales.

Last chance to bail before finding out the false story!

The fictional story is ...

Cube man.

That's right kids, don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

Earlier this week, several websites picked up on the "Man in Cube" YouTube faux-documentary clip and it's already racked up more than 100,000 views. But it's all fake.

ThinkModo helped us out with building the "inside" of the Astor Place Cube. That's the viral marketing team behind Matt Lauer "surfing" down the streets of NYC and the "Exorcism" mirror that freaked out TODAY staffers.

There were two clues inside the segment itself.


Clue No. 1
Plants need sunlight to grow, and the Astor Place Cube doesn't have any windows.


Clue No. 2
Never heard of the fan brand "Kibur"? You're not alone. It's actually "Rubik" — as in Rubik Cube — spelled backward.

All that said, please keep your lawn chair firmly on the ground. Leave furniture flying to the experts.

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