Dylan's playlist: A little pop, a little country, a little indie and more 

Peter Kramer / Today

Following her weekendcolleagues Jenna, Erica and Lester, Dylan Dreyer completes the playlist party with her own hand-picked selection of tunes. While Lester declared the compilation of his playlist the hardest assignment he'd had in years, Dylan also found it hard to commit, as she explains below, before finally settling on her 17songs. Check out herchoices and what she had to say about them below.-- Alex, editor/producer

I'm a procrastinator. And for this assignment, I’ve been procrastinating a lot. Why? Because it’s impossible to write up a list of my favorite songs.

I know what song I like when I listen to it, but I forget which songs I like until I listen to them…does that make sense? Connect me to Pandora and I know immediately which songs I want to listen to...and which ones I’ll skip. It all depends on my mood.

When I’m driving, I like late '50s and early '60s and country music to sing along to at the top of my lungs. If I’m running or getting ready to go out, the more beat the better. If I’m playing 500 rummy, a steady dose of Billy Joel or Dave Matthews hits the spot. And if I’m taking Bosco for a walk, a good alternative style works perfectly.

So in honor of completing a task (albeit a month late), here’s my playlist…but it would probably be different if I wrote it yesterday or tomorrow!