Did Hoda really meet taxi driver who befriended Tom Hanks? Cabbie proves it — in person

Sure it's a small world. But what are the chances that the same New York City cabbie who befriended Tom Hanks would drive and befriend TODAY's own Hoda Kotb just days later?

While covering the story of "Mr. Ferrari" Tuesday morning, Hoda surprised her co-anchors by telling them she too had met the driver.

Manny Anzalota with Hoda Kotb and Tom Hanks

"I got into that guy's cab! He showed me the picture!" Hoda said. "He told me the story of how he went to see 'Lucky Guy' with his wife. We took a picture picture together, it was a whole situation!"

Wednesday morning, Hoda got a surprise of her own. Mr. Ferrari himself (aka Manny Anzalota) stopped by TODAY to see her in person.

"He said you stiffed him on the tip," Matt joked.

"She was generous. She said the company pays," Anzalota fired back.

Hanks and Hoda weren't the first celebrities Anzalota has driven in his six years as a cab driver in New York City. His cab seems to be a kind of star magnet; he's driven Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Liv Tyler and Eliot Spitzer.