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By Matt Murray

Singer Michael Buble may have been the first to try juggling for the TODAY Talent Show, but actor Dean Cain was the first to do so successfully.

Cain stopped by TODAY on Thursday to chat about his new show "Hit the Floor" and not only did the former "Louis and Clark" actor juggle, but also showed off some dance moves with Hoda on-air.

Cain said juggling is something he's been doing for a while, and refrained from doing too much trash talking on Buble's failed attempt.

"He can sing, I can't do that," Cain laughed. "I've been able to juggle for a long long time. When I was a kid, we used to move a lot, and I'd end up with the first load at the house. Instead of unpacking, I'd just sit there and juggle tennis balls."

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