Carson Daly does one-liners about vodka, TRL and more in Facebook chat

He already runs the Orange Room and hosts "The Voice." But if his many one-liners on Facebook are any indication, his next gig could be doing stand-up.

Carson Daly took over TODAY’s Facebook page Wednesday to answer your questions, offering zingers about his MTV "Total Request Live" days, his favorite cocktails, and what he would be doing if he weren’t already wearing a million hats.

Here’s what Carson revealed:

He likes his vodka.

  • Jenn Baker Rock: How do you balance a busy career and family and age so gracefully?
  • Carson Daly: Kettle One vodka. And naps.
  • Jennifer Katusha Alexander: Favorite summer cocktail?
  • Carson Daly: Vodka, Fresca, splash of pomegranate.

It’s hard to get a straight answer from him.

  • DiSalvo N Sisneros: What did you really want to be when you grew up?
  • Carson Daly: A man.
  • Sarah McCurlz A:. If you weren't a TV presenter, what would you be doing now?
  • Carson Daly: Bringing your car around to the front.
  • Lisa Hollis: If you were not working in the TV industry, what other job would you be interested in?
  • Carson Daly: Anything in the golf business. That's what I originally wanted to do. I wanted to be a pro golfer.

He’s got his beach reads ready.

  • Leigh Anne Staudt: What are you reading this summer?
  • Carson Daly: A teleprompter. And many Lego instruction books.

He thinks fondly on his days as the MTV host of TRL, but has definitely moved on.

  • Kaley Niemi: On TRL, did you ever have a guest that was rude!?
  • Carson Daly: Yea, Noel Gallagher from Oasis.
  • Carson Daly: He was really drunk and rude, but it didn't bother me. I joined him for drinks that night.
  • Brittany James: Who was your favorite TRL guest and do you think MTV should bring it back?
  • Carson Daly: Well I always loved when Kid Rock was on. I knew I was in for a long night in New York City. And no, I think TRL had its time.
  • Ryan Steward: Do you miss TRL?
  • Carson Daly: Yes, but oddly working at the TODAY show fills a lot of that void.

Speaking of his TRL days….

  • Dara E Camp: I love Britney Spears, are you two still close? I would love to meet her!
  • Carson Daly: She lives in my guest house. Stop by any time. I'm listed.

He gives credit where it’s due.

  • LoriAnn Daniels: Do you feel you owe your success to anyone particular? Who helped you along to be the household name that you are? What has been your inspiration?
  • Carson Daly: Jimmy Kimmel in large part. I was his intern when I was 18 and he's been a mentor ever since.
  • Jennifer Slesnick Schaeffer: What do you think of Ryan Seacrest, your competitor?
  • Carson Daly: He's not my competitor, he's my suit maker. And longtime friend. He's beautiful.

He’s the kind to kiss and tell.

  • Jessica Lyn Gibson: If u had to pick a female anchor from the show to kiss, who would u pick?
  • Carson Daly: Matt Lauer as Halloween Pam Anderson. Watch Matt dress as Anderson.

He doesn’t mind revealing his workout secrets.

  • Charles Michael Petero: How do you stay buff?
  • Carson Daly: I'm not. I work out an hour a day to stay chubby.

In all seriousness, he loves being a family man.

  • Ashley Lucas: Love hearing about your son! We do a lot of road trips and my son and I like to jam out too!!! 
  • Carson Daly: Jack just told me his mom forces Kidz Bop on him when he prefers my iTunes playlist. True story.
  • Bonnie Krystopolski: What's your favorite activity to do with your kids?
  • Carson Daly: "Tackle DaDa" is a fun game we play, where my kids end up on top of me. They think I'm being tortured, but I secretly love it.
  • Ebony Murphy-Root: Can you be a good dad and have a busy career the way you do? Do you ever feel guilty about being away from your family?
  • Carson Daly: I take my family with me 90% of the time. I'm a reality show waiting to happen. Family first.

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