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/ Source: TODAY
By Matt Murray

Having the same name as a famous TV personality can be rough, especially when that celeb is of a different gender.

Carsen Lagman decided to let TODAY's own Carson Daly know just that in a tweet in which she aired her grievance, joking "you ruined my childhood."

However, Lagman's tweet didn't go unnoticed. Carson swiftly responded with a genuine apology and an olive branch — cookies, of course.

"When I read the tweet about ruining her childhood, rather than asking how or why, I decided to just do something about it," Carson told "Cookies are greater than words."

Carson offered to send the fan a batch of cookies, and had a little help from fiance Siri Pinter, who just so happens to be a food blogger with a knack for making delicious treats.

Lagman got Carson's peace offering just days later, and all was forgiven.

So Carson wished her the best in her adulthood.

Want to try Siri's cookies (you really should)? Here's her recipe.