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From TODAY correspondent Jill Rappaport

There is a very special program involving dogs helping those in need. This breed of dogs is not one that would normally come to mind for therapy, but the pit bull is clearly making a big difference at the Royer Greaves School for the Blind in Pennsylvania. WATCH VIDEO

The children here are all physically challenged, and some are mentally challenged, too. They are finding great comfort and joy from these dogs thanks to Main Line Animal Rescue, an organization that created the pioneer program. Their mission was to not only give these children a very special experience, but "to also show that the pit bull can be a loving, safe animal," says Main Line founder Bill Smith.

Pit bulls occupy the majority of shelters across the country, and many will never get adopted because of the fear people have towards the breed. Bill Smith is hoping this program will show that in the right hands, pit bulls can be wonderful pets and great companions.

Judging by what I saw on faces of the children at Royer Greaves -- they were smiling ear to ear as they cuddled up to these pooches -- Mr. Smith is on to something. I witnessed that bond firsthand and it was an experience I will never forget.

For more information on the Royer Greaves School for the Blind, click here. For more on Main Line Animal Rescue, click here.

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