Brooke Shields can do what with her tongue?! 5 things we learned

While Natalie and Al spent the day away from the studio on Monday, taking some vacation to enjoy the tail end of summer, famed actress Brooke Shields stepped in to fill their shoes — and revealed some unique talents in the process. When she wasn't discussing Miley Cyrus' risqué MTV Video Music awards performance, she was sharing some surprising tidbits about herself (hint: one involves a beer bottle):

1. She hung out at Studio 54 as12-year-old 
As a young star, Brooke socialized at the famous disco venue, but said she never got the "candy bag" or went upstairs to the fourth floor (otherwise known as "the fun room"). She only made it up there in 2001, as a grown-up, when she was starring in Cabaret and it was her dressing room.

2. Her favorite way to relax: The Container Store
When she feels a little stressed, you won't find Brooke at the gym or at home vegging out — she'll be at The Container Store. Shields says she loves this organizational haven because everything is neat and controlled.

3. She can open a beer bottle with her forearm
If you can't find a bottle opener, Brooke Shields is your girl. The co-host showed off her twisted talent to Willie Geist during TODAY's Take.

4. She can tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue
In 10 minutes or less and on live TV, Shields was able to tie the stem of this sweet fruit into a knot with only her mouth — no hands needed.

5. She was a virgin until the age of 22
After showing off her great bar tricks, Shields jokingly admitted that she was a virgin until she was 22, because she was busy "cultivating her talents."

Brooke will be co-hosting with Willie the rest of the week, and who knows what other secrets she's got up her sleeve! Tune in to see what she'll share.