Biden to Roker: 'I got so much heat' for inaugural parade handshake 

That handshake Al Roker snagged from the vice president during the inaugural parade earlier this year?

Yeah, it got Joe Biden in hot water.

“I got in so much trouble for coming over in the inauguration day parade with you,” he told Al Roker. “I got so much heat!”

The vice president took a break from viewing flood-ravaged Colorado communities to razz Roker about that infamous handshake. It took place while Roker was along the rope lines of the Jan. 21 parade commemorating President Obama’s second inauguration.

Roker had repeatedly called out to the vice president, urging him to come over for a handshake. Biden recounted the moment for FEMA administrator Craig Fugate following an interview the pair had just conducted.

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Biden to Colo. flood victims: ‘We’re not leaving’

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Biden to Colo. flood victims: ‘We’re not leaving’

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“So I walked out and they said, ‘eh, that Biden. He’s running for president, man. He must be — he went to see Al Roker,’” the vice president recalled.

That’s when Roker went in for the big ask.

“The invitation is open at any time for you to come do the TODAY show,” he said.

Biden laughed off the invite, although he acknowledged, “I may need a job soon, you don’t know.”

“You’d be great,” Roker assured him.

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