Be the director! Control a TODAY camera (and see some sweet shoes)

Ever wonder what happens in Studio 1A during a segment? We've got you covered! TODAY is giving viewers complete control over one of our cameras this morning.

You're able to spin a camera in all directions as lifestyle editor Chassie Post shows off the latest in summer shoe styles.

Zoom in close or take a wide shot. Check out the segment unfolding in front of you, or sneak a peek behind the scenes. It's up to you, thanks to Immersive Media's 360-degree interactive camera.

Note: Click on the video player above and the player should load within a few seconds. Thanks for your patience. To pan right or left, click and hold your left mouse button down on the screen and drag your cursor in the desired direction. You can zoom using the + and - buttons on you keyboard. Firefox and Chrome browsers are preferred. This feature is not yet available on mobile devices. 

Chassie Post's latest finds, from sassy sandals to perfect platforms

Check out the segment from the traditional broadcast view: