Anderson Cooper's 'defense' for giggle fit is ... Matt Lauer?

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By allDAY

One day after Anderson Cooper broke into a fit of giggles when joking about Gérard Depardieu's toilet trouble on a plane, the CNN host turned the tables -- and targeted Matt Lauer.

"In times like these, it helps to know that I'm not alone," Anderson said. "In my defense, it took almost three full minutes of toilet jokes to get me to that point. For Matt Lauer, all it took was one little double entendre."

Touché, Mr. Cooper.

Watch the video of Matt cracking up on air after hearing the phrase "small packages" while discussing the “shrinking” sizes of food packaging.

And here's the complete RidicuList segment from last nights "Anderson Cooper 360," which includes other clips of anchors breaking into giggle fits on air.