It's funniest at 1 p.m.: Watch hilarity on TODAY at the perfect time

OK wait. Is it 1 p.m. yet where you are? Set your alarm before you proceed, because that's when it'll be funniest to watch these videos.

That's according to new research that found the national mood is at its lowest at 1 p.m., making it the perfect time to watch your favorite funny viral videos online. The study, from Northeastern and Harvard University, figured out our collective cultural bummer time by studying 300 million tweets over three years. 

Good thing TODAY has a fix, right? When your timer dings, hit play on these videos. You can thank us between giggles.

Something struck Matt as funny during this interview with Jean Chatzky.

Ewoks took over this Halloween decoration segment after having a few too many drinks.

Remember when Al and Willie snuggled up in a canoe during their interview with Nick Offerman?

Kathie Lee and Hoda got personal when it came to the topic of grooming down under (the fun begins around the 4-minute mark).

Personal space went out the window when Matt and Al learned to luge during the 2006 Winter Olympics.