Al wins TODAY anchor NCAA bracket challenge: Compare yours!

The UConn Huskies aren't the only champion after Monday night's game — Al Roker solidified his place as the champion of the TODAY NCAA Bracket Challenge.

This year, the TODAY anchors joined in on the fun, making their picks on who they thought would come out on top.

Check out their Final Four selections below (click their picks to see their full brackets) and see how they did. How did your bracket stack up?

Al: Florida (champion), Connecticut, Arizona, Michigan
Current score: 72 of 128 possible points

Carson: Florida (champion), Michigan State, Arizona, Louisville
Current score: 65 of 128 possible points

Savannah: Syracuse, Villanova, Arizona (champion) Kentucky 
Current score: 64 of 128 possible points

Natalie: Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Wichita State (champion)
Current score: 62 of 128 possible points

Willie: Florida, Iowa St, Nebraska, Louisville (champion)
Current score: 61 of 128 possible points

Tamron: Florida (champion), Virginia, New Mexico, Louisville
Current score: 55 of 128 possible points

Matt: Florida (champion), Villanova, San Diego St, Michigan
Current score: 58 of 128 possible points