Al Roker surprises screaming Arizona State TODAY superfans

Al Roker surprises super fans from ASU.
By Danielle Brennan

After nearly 100 ASU broadcast journalism students tweeted their love for TODAY in hopes they would get on the show, they got their wish — and more — on Wednesday.

Just as the thrill of appearing live on air was setting in, surprise guest Al Roker drew screams from the college fans as he showed up dressed as their mascot, the Sun Devil.

So how did these student superfans get TODAY's attention? It only took 140 characters, a hashtag and pictures of TODAY-themed dorm room and halls from senior Torunn Sinclair.



To her surprise, Matt tweeted back. Then, hundreds more ASU students took to Twitter and suddenly the hashtag #SunDevilsHeartTODAY went viral.  



After getting the attention of Phoenix NBC affiliate KPNX, the students appeared live on TODAY. Now, Sinclair, junior Kari Osep and their fellow students are showing their appreciation in the way they know best — in 140 characters or less.