Al Roker gets 'total surprise' call from Joe Biden after surgery 

TODAY's Al Roker is recuperating after undergoing shoulder surgery to repair a damaged rotator cuff and he got a special call from Vice President Joe Biden.

"Getting a call from Joe Biden was a total surprise," Al told TODAY. "He told me I had to listen to the doctors!"

Perhaps Al is just one step closer to getting the VP to co-host the 9 a.m. hour of TODAY.

He's now spending time at home, catching up on a few TV shows like "The Blacklist" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

In a tweet Wednesday, the anchor thanked his doctor and assured everyone he'd be back to his active self soon. 



"They're counting on you Al," Natalie Morales laughed.

Tamron Hall and Willie Geist chuckled at their co-host giving his doctor a social media shout-out. 

"I think he thinks he's going to get a deal on the bill or something," Willie joked. "That's not how it works, Al!"



"I am most worried about putting on a dress shirt and tie with one hand," Al said. 

Feel better soon, Mr. Roker!

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