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Abracadabra! David Copperfield taps the next great magician

Three up-and-coming magicians performed live for David Copperfield today in the last of our "Magic Mondays" series that has impressed Matt, Savannah and a levitating Natalie all month long.

Hundreds of aspiring magicians sent in videos of themselves performing magic tricks in TODAY's quest to find the next David Copperfield. Producers teamed up with Copperfield to pick the three best — Kayla Drescher of Boston, Mass., Jeff Prace of Buffalo Grove, Ill., and Ben Jackson of Houston, Texas — to perform on Monday's show.

Drescher, who entertains patrons as a bartender in Boston, wowed the anchors with a magic bottle cap trick, swapping Heineken caps with Sam Adams and Bud Light tops right before their eyes.

Prace, a college student who's sick of his classmates taking all of his gum, made a full pack appear from just a single stick. 

And Jackson, who doubles as a comedian (he hinted that the anchors might confuse him with a famous actor: "When did Matthew McConaughey start doing magic?"), impressed Savannah by tearing a photo of the anchors into four pieces and fusing it back together in the palm of her hand. 

In the end, it was Kayla Drescher who impressed everyone most, winning a Magic Mondays trophy and a surprise trip to Las Vegas to see Copperfield perform at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

"To have more women doing magic is a great thing," Copperfield added. "We’d like to see more of that."

What do you think? Did the right magician take home the top prize? Let us know in the comments below.

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