8 surprising things we learned about Erica Hill in her live Facebook chat

We’ve learned a lot about Erica Hill since she became a TODAY anchor in 2012. We know how crazy she is about her two sons, Weston and Sawyer, and we’ve seen on more than one occasion that she’s fully capable of rocking out.

But Thursday morning marked a special opportunity for TODAY fans: Erica took over TODAY’s Facebook page to answer questions about everything from her work-life balance to her exercise routine to her favorite Disney character.

Here’s a look at what Hill revealed in her chat:

1. She never sleeps in!

Christie Pinckert: What time does your day begin?? And is everyone really as happy as they appear on the show?!! #lovemytodaycrew
Erica: Hi! Thanks for the love. I never have the same schedule — and often travel, so my time zones change a lot. If I'm home and not on the show in the morning, I'm usually up by 5 a.m. for a 5:15 run or 5:45 a.m. spin class.

2. She values a good schedule

Chanda Friddle: I'm a mother of 7 and 6 are in school. Any tips on juggling homework, chores, dinner, and bedtime routine in 4 hours?
Erica: Wow — I think we should be asking YOU for advice! As I'm sure you'd agree, schedules definitely help ... along with a healthy dose of patience and laughter! And some days, a glass of wine. ;-)

3. She loves her job

Steve Hurtig: You seem to be enjoying yourself and move so smoothly on a very fast-moving and changing show. How do you handle all the daily switches in direction during the show?
Erica: I love the variety and the fast-paced nature of TODAY; it keeps it fun and interesting! I've always said my life is a lot like morning TV; the news and current events are very important to me, but my life isn't just about headlines. I love to know what's going on in all aspects of the world, I love to learn new things, and I love to laugh.

Oh, and dance like a fool. ;-)

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TODAY anchors try new summer workouts

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4. She’s back in swing with marathon training

Janice Kupiec: How's the marathon training going?
Erica: It's going well, thanks! I was sidelined with some Achilles and plantar fasciitis issues but I'm back at it and so inspired.

5. The TODAY family rocks

Tammy Harrison: Does everyone on the TODAY show really get along great? I have been watching for years. This group seems to be the happiest group of all.
Erica: We really do! One of the things about NBC and TODAY that struck me immediately when I joined was how warm everyone was. When I logged on to my email for the first time, I already had an email from Savannah Guthrie waiting for me.
Savannah Guthrie: That's because you are easy to adore, Erica!!
Tammy Harrison: That is great. It shows on the show. Love watching you guys.
Jimmy Gularek: Savannah, how is motherhood???
Erica: Savannah! Is this you or Vale typing? Squeeze those cheeks for me. We miss you! xoxo

6. She’s found her calling

Lenard LG Godfrey: What would you be doing, Erica, if you weren't a TV anchor?
Erica: Great question. Hopefully something involving writing, cooking and lots of time for family! I admire teachers a great deal, and I love working with kids and young minds, but I don't know if I have enough patience.

7. She knows her Disney movies

Champ Russo: Who is your favorite Disney character?
Erica: Remy, the little chef in “Ratatouille.”

8. She LOVES having someone else style her hair

Katelyn Dempsey: What's your favorite thing about being on the TODAY Show?
Erica: Not having to blowdry my own hair. Yes, I'm serious. OK, and all those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And the people. Especially the ones with blowdryers.