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7:02 — Truce falls apart in Ukraine, deadly clashes erupt

7:04 — U.S. takes medal count lead

7:07 — Pres. Obama returns from Mexico summit; Facebook to buy WhatsApp for $16 billion; Feds warn airlines of potential shoe bomb threats; Golf fan falls into cactus to avoid Rory Mcllroy shot; Lone winner hits $425 million Powerball jackpot; Ashley Wagner mocked herself, then couldn't hide true surprise when wowed by her scores

7:12 — Scott Hamilton breaks down Wednesday's short program and previews the free skate

7:17 — Al Roker attempts Russian hockey coach reenactment

7:31 — 'Ted Shred' owns giant slalom

7:36 — For the first time ever, Americans won multiple medals in the womens bobseld event 

7:43 — Team USA women's hockey will play rival Canada for the gold medal in a grudge match on Thursday

8:00 —  Keir Simmons provides an update on Olympic competition

8:05 — Guilty plea expected in Giants fan attack; Holy gust! Wind carries away pope’s skullcap

8:08 — Al reveals quirky Russian superstition

8:13 — Brian Williams raps to ‘Rapper's Delight’

8:18 — Husband and wife snowboarders win medals just minutes apart

8:21 — Kristi Yamaguchi discusses the top contenders in the ladies' figure skating competition 

8:32 — Is that a wolf outside luger Kate Hansen’s door?

8:34 — For some Olympic fans, pin trading is a sport

8:36 — Lindsey Vonn hits the streets for Olympic trivia

8:41 — Savannah, Jenna face off against Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski in tennis match

8:46 — Meet Russia’s Marissa Mayer

8:51 — The Olympic score composer John Williams sat down with NBC to discuss the famous fanfare

9:00 — Al Roker does a Schwarzenegger impression

9:14 — The bobsled "wolfpack" joins TODAY to discuss the silver medal and bronze medals

9:30 — Skydiver will attempt 700 skydives in 24 hours

9:40 — Team USA hockey player Alex Carpenter is one of the youngest members of the women's team 

9:47 — What was the best photo of the week in Sochi?

9:53 — Noureen DeWulf: ‘It’s a nail biter’ watching hubby

10:14 — Elizabeth Olsen: Accents are like dyeing your hair

10:22 — Jenna Bush Hager updates Kathie Lee and Hoda on the latest from Sochi

10:30 — Salvation Army volunteers get ambushed!

10:39 — Team USA slopestyle medalists join Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about their experience

10:47 — Bridezilla backlash: Staying calm on the big day

10:47 — Chow down! Homemade food for your pooch

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