Miss Match's top 10 first-date do's and don'ts

Whew! At last, you’ve landed a date with someone who appears to be a hot prospect. It could be a set-up by someone you trust or even one arranged by a matchmaker, such as Samantha Daniels, the divorce attorney-turned-Cupid whose story has been turned into the NBC series “Miss Match.” This week, as part of our pre-Valentine “Today Gets Personal” series, Daniels is matching three singles with potential partners — and we get to hear how things went! Part of her service includes coaching on how to put your best foot forward on a first date. Here are her top ten dating dos and don’ts.

1) Do wear something that makes feel your best. Wearing an outfit that you are comfortable in will make you seem confident.

2) Do compliment the person that you are out with; everyone likes to feel that they are attractive and that they are looking good.

3) Do be very polite to the wait staff and anyone you come across on your date; you will seem very unattractive if you are rude to others.

4) Do make plans for a drink instead of dinner; a drink will feel like less pressure.

5) Do cancel if you are feeling ill or having a really bad day; nobody wants to be out with someone is a bad mood.

6) Don't talk about how much you hate your mother or any member of your family; people are more attracted to those who are family oriented.

7) Don't ask very invasive questions on a first date. Stick to the basics — there is time for the harder questions later.

8) Don't try to tell the other person what they should or shouldn't order; if you do this, you will appear to be bossy.

9) Do make sure you focus on the person sitting across from you; you will seem rude and as if you are not interested in them if you spend the whole night checking out other people.

10) Do give a person a chance when you first meet them; first impressions are not always right.

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