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2h ago

Tamyra Mensah-Stock becomes 1st US Black woman to win wrestling gold

The Olympian also revealed why she believes her late father would have enjoyed the match.
6h ago

Cartoon praises Simone Biles for putting her mental health first

Editorial cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz spoke to TODAY about his viral cartoon.
7h ago

Heartwarming Olympic moments: Photos of kindness

High jumpers sharing a medal. Runners helping each other up. Simone Biles cheering on her team. These are some of the most heartwarming Olympic moments.
Argentina goalkeeper Maria Belen Succi comforts Germany's Charlotte Stapenhorst.
Argentina goalkeeper Maria Belen Succi comforts Germany's Charlotte Stapenhorst.

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Changing the Games

These women are in STEM and at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.