TODAY   |  May 01, 2014

6 tech products for Mother’s Day

Digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a handful of cool ideas for the mom who loves technology, such as a refrigerator magnet with video messaging, a charging cable for her keychain, and an Amazon Fire TV to stream her favorite movies and TV shows.

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>>> most moms love to get flowers and be taken out to brunch for mother's day. if you really want to impress her, try making her daily routine a little bit easier.

>> we have great gadgets and apps that will do just that, even if she is technically challenged like somebody here. digital lifestyle expert carley knobloch is here with great gift ideas.

>> happy mother's day.

>> we don't want to overwhelm mom. we want to make life easier. mom's purse is usually full of stuff and the phone is at the bottom. she sometimes doesn't get a call. you can call me. my purse is in the bottom of this -- my phone is in the bottom of the purse.

>> i'm calling you now.

>> give me a call.

>> i'm calling.

>> okay, so, what happens is, this is the trellie, you pair it to your phone and put it on your purse and then when i get a call, we're going to --

>> there it goes.

>> what?

>> it lights up and i know i can start rooting around and find my phone --

>> there it is.

>> that is adorable.

>> it keeps your phone in the pocket it is made for.

>> you could do that and yet you don't.

>> sometimes you can't hear it. you're in places, you can see the light.

>> it flashes and you have a missed call so you know to go back and find it.

>> what else?

>> refrigerator magnets got cool. they can record video messages.

>> i can't handle it.

>> this is adorable, from native union, called the play. it can hold three minutes of messages.

>> and you put it on your fridge.

>> yes. the kids can send messages back and forth.

>> genius.

>> there's me. in the orange room .

>> that is so cute.

>> $24.

>> okay.

>> mom always seems to have a fully charged phone this is the key from blue lounge. imagine having a charging cable always on your key chain .

>> how is that possible?

>> there is -- just the cable, now you got this end goes into your android phone, one for old iphones and new iphones and usb port .

>> my head hurts.

>> your computer.

>> i don't have a computer.

>> your typewriter.

>> i don't have a typewriter.

>> okay. i'm not going to say lost cause. i'm going to say challenging. this is a lovely gift. it is 3.99. an app called morning. it is mom's grand central station dashboard for her whole day. fully customizable, time, weather, stock prices, she can see everything she needs to get going.

>> that's great. stocks on it?

>> wow. that's cool. that will come in handy for me, never.

>> this is one i'm particularly excited about. this is a warehouse club on your phone so you don't have to go to the big stores to get your bulk items, discount prices, free shipping to your door on most items. some require shipping, but most for free.

>> you save in gas, headache and time.

>> yes, headache, time --

>> genius.

>> love it. and then, to me, is the ultimate mother's day gift. this is amazon fire tv, streaming media , your hulu, netflix, games, music, and also cool features like voice search, so, hang on, community. thinking, thinking.

>> did you say community?

>> i sure did.

>> great features. who has time to type?

>> how much is this thing?

>> this is $99.

>> i need to get that for my mom, she would love it.

>> my mother would look at it and go, oh, thanks.

>> keep it in the wrapper. carley, thank you. great, great.

>> happy mother's day. for six additional tech ideas you didn't see here, go to