TODAY   |  May 01, 2014

DIY tips to save money on entertaining

Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co., shares with TODAY viewers some simple tricks for saving money on entertaining, fashion and home décor.

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>> clever ideas on cutting down on costs from everything from entertainment to home decor . you have a lot of great ideas here. start fish with flower arrangements. this bouquet was actually at your wedding?

>> that's right. i used all fauxquets at my wedding. they saved me hundreds of dollars. you can do these -- this is cedar wood . i glued stems on. i actually display this in my half bath. then of course you can do the paper flowers , which is fun. these are really easy. just take some tissue paper . you're going to just wrap them, create the little bud. can you just start spinning it around.

>> kids probably would love doing this.

>> exactly. then once you are done --

>> i'm going to go get me a kid.

>> you're just going to wrap it around. you'll come out with these little buds. keep doing this until you get a nice little shape just like that. how is it going, al? okay. here's an easier one.

>> this i can do. glue i can do.

>> a plate and a cupcake pan to make a cake stand. this is a great idea for entertaining or mother's day. take a little bit of glue, put it right on top of your bowl or your plate. then set it up here. let it dry. you can use all different heights and sizes.

>> nice way to display baked goods.

>> i like this taking a scarf and you can make a halter top .

>> you can actually make a little bag. this one is really fun. if you just fold it in half like this, tie the ends together, take the closed end with the open end. tie a little knot. this is great for vacations. you just want to take a couple scarves and not pack that much. once you open it up you have this cute little vest. you slip your arms right through. it is great for a beach cover-up.

>> that's a great idea.

>> very nice. how about jewelry?

>> if you're looking for summer statement jewelry look no further than your hardware chest. this is actually all jewelry made out of stuff you might find in your hardware chest from washers, to hex nuts.

>> that's copper piping.

>> all you have to do is actually layer your copper wiping on this little --

>> all i have to do is go down the basement and pick apart my plumbing.

>> she'll never notice.

>> that looks really chic and you would never know.

>> you've seen a lot of this look everywhere in jewelry, that rustic hardware look.

>> especially for summer. big and bold.

>> very nice. artwork.

>> i know decorative tape. it pulls off really easily. you can use it to make really inexpensive artwork or you can do this on a whole wall to create a wallpaper effect . great for kids. this one, too. if you aren't an artist, just try framing up some pretty wallpaper, really colorful, bold patterns. this is a really fun idea.

>> i love this. this is so neat.

>> this is an amazing idea. color pencils into a peg board. peg board costs about $15. use it to store books. maybe little shapes.

>> you can change the heights of the shelves.

>> you can re-arrange it any time you want.

>> brit, you are a gene just. great ideas.

>>> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> ladies, is that minute julep? it is going to be