TODAY   |  May 01, 2014

Study: Men prefer women with less makeup

A study in which men are shown various images of women reveals that they overwhelmingly prefer women wearing 40 percent less makeup.

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>>> now we have a story that will probably have a lot of us asking as gals, who am i really trying to impress when i pile on all this makeup? there was a study. participants both male and female were shown a series of images like this. and asked which image is more attractive. the fresh face on the left or made-up face on the right. both sexes thought men would go for the more made-up faces. but get this -- the guys overwhelmingly picked the women who were wearing 40% less makeup proving once and for all that guys do prefer a fresher face.

>> absolutely.

>> not even close. not even close. but that also wasn't a great example. it is when there is really a lot of makeup and it just makes no sense.

>> what's that like? what do you moon,ean?

>> as men we see you women come in without makeup and you all look fantastic.

>> you guys running for office?

>> thankfully today's not national honesty