TODAY   |  May 01, 2014

Student chooses Yale from 8 Ivy League schools

A student accepted to all eight Ivy League schools picked Yale. Tell us how you’re sharing with the world what college you’ve selected by tweeting us with the hashtag #DecisionDay. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>> quick, where are you?

>>> hey, good morning, everybody. where am i? you have no idea.

>> i can't believe you haven't seen " star wars ," by the way.

>> i'm going to get to it.

>>> today is may 1st , it is national college decision day. might remember the story of a long island teenager. this guy was accepted to all eight ivy leagues . he made his decision. come on in to the orange room . what a lot of people are making a comparison considering this is a non-athlete, almost like a lebron decision-style press conference yesterday just to see where this young man is going to go to school. let's take a look at that.

>> i'm excited and proud to announce that this fall i'll be a member of yale university class of 2018 .

>> yale. he had his choice. #decisionday. victoria is going to be class of colby, 02018. even your kids are getting into the action. #decisionday. let us know. what would have you picked? eight ivy leagues , al?

>> i can't even name all eight.

>> harvard on the hawking. ohio university . by the way, you heard from his parents yesterday. they say they really pushed him hard. his father said 95 should shall the lowest grade you get in high school .

>> wow.

>> pretty good.

>> it worked for him.

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