TODAY   |  May 01, 2014

Oprah named among stars who could buy Clippers

Several high-profile celebrities are being mentioned as potential buyers of the L.A. Clippers team, if owner Donald Sterling is forced to sell. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> reporter: them. but off the court today, a committee of nba owners will meet to begin what could be the process of kicking donned sterling out of their club. as urged by nba commissioner adam silver after banning the clippers owner from his team and from the league for life.

>> i will urge the board of governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team.

>> reporter: easier said than done, legal experts agree. sterling has a litigious history and a court battle even against a unanimous vote by his fellow owners could take years.

>> the question is will the pressure from the other owners, from the sponsors, from his players, will that be sufficient to essentially force had him to sell the team.

>> reporter: sterling has remained sigh law enforcemere remained silent but nearly a dozen potential bidders for his team purchased for $12 million and now worth over half a billion. oprah winfrey says she'd team with music mogul david geffen and billionaire larry ellison to buy the team outright. and magic johnson and the group that bought the dodgers seen by many, including hall of famer lenny wilkens , who would love to seat nba return to seattle as the favorites to win the clippers franchise.

>> i would say that magic johnson 's name stands out among all of them because he's been in the sport. he has dealt with it. he knows what to expect.

>> reporter: what to expect as donald sterling 's next move? to this point, he hasn't said. nba watchers say that it would just be good business for sterling to sell right now with the contending team and with a new tv contract on the near horizon whereas if he chooses to stand and fight it could cost him hundreds of millions and the team's value down the road.