TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

Giada cooks up delicious steak and eggs

Chef Giada De Laurentiis joins TODAY to show us some hot new recipes to use when you fire up the grill.

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>> a dear, dear friend. and he's getting us ready for barbecue season with a cup of simple recipes you can do in the backyard, on the grill or indoors.

>> so we're going to do some grilling. i know outside in new york city , today is not the day to grill . but the rest of the country might have some better weather. but i don't know, maybe there are parts that do not.

>> west coast looks fantastic.

>> we have a great day in l.a. 80 degrees. so you can grill . i like to get a nice rib-eye steak , bone-in. at the end of the day , they just have more flavor. they're more fun to eat, too. i like to season it a little bit. we're going to take this nation, big rib-eye. what kind of steak do you buy?

>> i like the bone-in rib eye .

>> the reason is, it's got great marbling. fat adds flavor. ladies tend to like petite filets. they're lighter.

>> if you eat steak , eat steak .

>> if you're going to eat steak , this is a great one. it's about 16 to 18 ounces. it's a big steak . i could eat a portion of this. some people could eat the whole thing. i like to put it in a baggie like this. put rosemary, thyme, and garlic. put it in a plate. zip it. otherwise the juices will come out. when i'm ready to grill , i take it out and season it with salt and pepper . forget the tongs because i just can't get it to work. so we can just put it directly on the grill like that. a little salt, and you guys can do a little bit of pepper, and you let it sit and sear. the idea being -- and you could actually --

>> do you only salt and pepper one side?

>> i do both. but you know, there we go. a lot of times i actually just put it back on the plate and season it. but with all of that, i didn't want tos me s mmess it up. you put it on the grill for a couple minutes to get a nice sear. but the thing is this, you guys grill outside. what do you do with your steak outside?

>> leave it on.

>> move it to a cool spot.

>> after you've seared it.

>> right. but what i'm saying is for people that grill indoors, that's the perfect way to do it outdoors, if you grill indoors, leaving it on the grill is going to torch the steak and make your entire house smell. put it in the oven 400 degrees, ten to 12 for medium almost well-done, and leave it in there.

>> how do you know at what point it's time to go off the grill and into the oven?

>> when you get a nice golden sear just like that. don't worry about cooking it through. once you put it on the grill , leave it alone for about three minutes. don't touch it. what i like to do with this tuscan steak , you can take that steak . actually, will you go to the other and take the steak that's done? watch it because it's hot. if you like it that way, you can do that.

>> i do like it that way.

>> for people that like it really raw inside -- okay, salt, pepper, olive oil , lemon zest .

>> we're running out of time .

>> with the hot steak , i'm just going to just drizzle the lemon on there.

>> recipes are on we'll taste it in a moment. but first, this is today on nbc.

>>> it is " little house " day.

>> it is. big reunion of " little house of the prairie."

>> all of them. nellie's here. people want to smack her around a little. you know what i'm saying?

>> she's a really nice lady. but she said that people don't like her.

>> no likey.

>> if you like "veep", you're going to like our show. tune in.