TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

Bria Kelly, Tess Boyer kicked off ‘The Voice’

The two contestants, along with Kat Perkins, who survived on the singing competition, talk with TODAY about their eliminations, and describe how they’ve remained best friends throughout.

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>>> "today." an inside look at the competition's drama and suspension. tamron?

>> talk about drama. three good friends faced elimination last night all together. here's what happened. known as the three musketeers, bria kelly , tess boyer and christina grimmie, best friends , inseparable throughout the competition. last night tess and bria formed a new trio onstage with cat perkins inside bottom three, all singing for one final chance to remain on the show. you got me down on the floor every time i think about it i wanna cry

>> coach shakira made a passionate plea for viewers to save tess again. her second week in danger of being eliminated.

>> america, please save tess .

>> but voters decided that cat would stay.

>> cat perkins! team adam moves on!

>> sending the two best friends home together to the bitter end. carson caught up with tess and bria immediately after they left the stage.

>> tess , how you feeling? i know it's new. you're eliminated tonight. you've got a pretty smile on your face.

>> thank you. no, i'm actually good. honestly, it was easier going through it last week and kind of being shocked about it, then this week mentally preparing myself for what that emotion was. i mean, it was rough going through it again. but i'm just excited for what's in store for the future. i mean, yeah, it hurts, but at the same time, i am a fighter.

>> tell me about your relationship with bria kelly , who also went home.

>> we are best friends . bria kelly and i are constantly together, so we looked at each tonight in the bottom three and said you know, if there's any way to go out, we might as well be together.

>> it's hitting home right now.

>> it really is hitting home . i think it goes in waves. it hurts and stings, but at the same time, like, it's so great. all the emotions are just perfect.

>> people were shocked that you were in the bottom three. were you?

>> no, i was not shocked that i was in the bottom three.

>> why?

>> i didn't have my best performance last night. it was as good as i could have made it. but i feel like i wasn't fully myself during the song.

>> how was this experience for you?

>> oh, god, it was amazing. hands-down, the best experience of my life. met some great people. i am so, so blessed that i got to be here and do this with everyone. i'm with you

>> i like her voice. by the way, a reminder, you can catch "the voice" mondays and tuesdays, 8:00/7:00 central time