TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

Study: Girls outperform boys in school

A new study reveals that girls do better than boys in school, holding true for all ages and in all subjects, including math and science, all over the world.

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>> we'll start this wednesday with what's being called one of the best kept secrets in education. see if you agree. science confirms now that girls outperform boys in school, and apparently this is true at all ages and all subjects all over the world. researchers say they don't know exactly why. they have a few theories. one is that girls focus more on mastering the material, while boys just aim to get a good score. another is that parents encourage girls more because they expect them to perform poorly. finally, that girls are just better at concentrating in class.

>> that's key.

>> boys have trouble focusing over long periods of time.

>> and sitting still.

>> and it's interesting, although disturbing.