Image: Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1

TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

Savannah Guthrie reveals how she hid pregnancy

While on Seth Meyers’ “Late Night” show, TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie said she pretended to drink shots while out with fellow anchors to hide she was pregnant. Matt Lauer said he quickly figured out the truth. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> night" with seth meyers last night. tamron, i know you took notes.

>> of course i did. i took notes on how to conceal a pregnancy, if i ever need to do that, savannah. it was an adorable conversation with seth there. you were beautiful in that pink and black , and mad, you look handsome there as well. not a selfie, i guess, a photograph that was taken. savannah posted. as mentioned, savannah, you and matt were discussing how you concealed your pregnancy for so long. but apparently there were some clues. take a look.

>> you put them on your elbow and you bring the shot up here. you have to do another. so we were doing it at a restaurant. i noticed that savannah was faking it the entire time. so i got home and the lightbulb went on. and being 2014 , you do what you do in 2014 . instead of going over knocking on her door and kindly saying, is it any chance you're pregnant, i texted her. i said, are you pregnant? and i got this very kurt message back, like yes, shut up, don't tell anybody.

>> what i said was how can you ask me that when putin is listening to us?

>> so matt was describing the whole shot thing that went on in sochi. matt, you have proof of this?

>> we have video of this.

>> everybody was there.

>> and what happened after i found out she was pregnant, we still went to a couple of these dinners and she would hand me the shot. so savannah owes me a liver right now.

>> switching out of alcohol frequently.

>> some of us caught on to that.

>> there's a difference between you, natalie, and you, matt. natalie suspected but did not ask. matt went all matt lauer on me. right there and