TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

Amanda Knox: ‘I am innocent’

Knox responded quickly and unequivocally to documents released by an Italian court Tuesday that claim she held a knife to the throat of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, and killed her.

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>>> half-hour with the new developments in the amanda knox case. the italian appeals court has now explained why it came to that decision. we will talk to knox's attorney live in a moment. but first, keir simmons has the latest. keir, good morning.

>> reporter: amanda knox immediately declared she will appeal the ruling contained in this court document, which claims she herself carried out the killing. it sets out in detail the reasons for finding her guilty again, back in january, even after she'd won an appeal against her earlier conviction. amanda knox held the knife. she murdered a fellow student, the italian court said. her response from seattle was quick and unequivocal. i am innocent of the accusation against me, she said in a statement. this court document does not and cannot change the fact of my innocence. the victim, english student meredith kercher , 21, was subject to a terrifying onslaught. according to the italian judges, who reconvicted amanda knox . the weapons used, they say, were knives held by amanda knox and her then boyfriend raffaele sollecito . the 337-page court document says meredith kercher was overpowered by a number of aggressors and simultaneously stabbed with the blades of different knives. sollecito's lawyer rejected that claim. no way, she said. but on the murder itself, the judges say the evidence leads us to believe amanda marie knox lashed the deadly wound to the throat of meredith . but amanda knox in her statement says experts agreed that her dna was not found anywhere in meredith 's room, while the dna of rudy guede was found. he's already serving a prison sentence for meredith 's murder. on the motive, the court found there had been a heating up of an argument between amanda and the english student involving increasing aggressiveness. on a prior claim that a sex game had gone wrong, it is not plausible to believe, the judges said, that group sexual activity had begun among the foursome. amanda knox was jailed in 2007 , then convicted and sentenced to 28 years, but won an appeal in 2011 . now she faces another battle to clear her name. if she loses her appeal, italy could file an extradition request with the state department demanding she is sent back from seattle to that country, but there is a lot of legal argument ahead before that possibility, savannah.

>> all right, keir simmons in london, thank you. theodore simon