TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

‘Star Wars’ fans react to new cast photo

Social media was on fire after a picture was released of the cast of “Star Wars VII.” Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>> matt, i still can't believe you've not seen them.

>> oh, stop it.

>> that's insanity. anyway, mark hamill has tweeted out already. he says finally i can officially say i'm in, #starwars. so, guys, we're calling this jedi by numbers, because so many people are commenting on this photograph that was sent out. and who is everyone in it? so r2 is in the box. nobody puts r2 in the box in the corner. carrie fisher here, harrison ford there, j.j. abrams . adam driver from "girls," he's getting a lot of play. people were worried he'd leave "girls," but he's sticking with that and doing this as well. mark hamill there. that's our cast. i think this was done on purpose, making it grainy so we could be drawn in and do what we're doing now, talking about it in the orange room . it all comes back to here. may the force be with you.

>> thank you. thank you, tamron.