TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

Witness: FedEx shooter armed ‘like Rambo’

Four of the six victims shot by a co-worker at a FedEx facility remain in a Georgia hospital. One is in critical condition. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> four of the six victims shot bay co-worker at a fedex facility remain in a georgia hospital. one is in critical condition. as nbc's kerry sanders reports, all were working the early morning shift when a gunman opened fire.

>> reporter: 19-year-old geddy kramer committed suicide , according to authorities, inside the same fedex building where he worked as a package handler. police say the teenager went on a rampage, repeatedly shooting at co-workers.

>> he had assault rifle , bullets strapped to his chest like rambo.

>> reporter: police say after the gunman committed suicide , officers and federal agents entered the fedex facility here and found several crude, unexploded devices. molotov cocktails . friends say this is not the geddy kramer they knew.

>> he was a very happy person usually. and he was very funny. and he was just all a good person.

>> reporter: i spoke to a friend who's known kramer all his life and also worked with him at fedex . he doesn't want to reveal his identity. his number one complaint at work was?

>> that they mistreated him and made him work even harder than what everyone expected and he was getting paid in peanuts.

>> reporter: kramer 's father released a statement expressing sympathy for the victims. we make no excuses for his actions and are shocked and devastated by them. the family says there are no adequate words at a time like this. kerry sanders , nbc news, georgia.