TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

More tornadoes threaten South

Residents returned to Pearl, Miss., to start to pick up the pieces of their lives after deadly tornadoes hit the South. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> also have a risk of severe weather continuing. let's go to dylan dreyer right now. she's in hard-hit pearl, mississippi . the worst is over, but again, the continuing pickup and cleanup continues. dylan?

>> that's right, al, but there is a whole different feel to the air here in pearl, mississippi , as the atmosphere has dried out, finally indicating that there are no new storms in the forecast for this area. now, residents returned to this neighborhood yesterday to begin to sift through the rubble and start to pick up the pieces of their lives. unfortunately, the same can't be sate everywhere, as the deadly flooding continues and the devastation caused by these storms settles in. from hell to high water . firefighters had to rescue this man from a fast-moving creek in mobile. as lightning lit up another stormy night in the south with hundreds of reported strikes from the mississippi delta up into georgia.

>> it's touching down. it's touching down.

>> more than 130 twisters reported since sunday. from kansas --

>> why did this have to happen to our house?

>> to north carolina .

>> we were running from one end of the house to the other trying to get everybody in the bathroom.

>> but a branch which hit this house came crashing in. the human toll is growing with more than 30 people dead. among them, john servati, a swimmer at the university of alabama . friends say he died a hero, by holding up a concrete wall long enough for his girlfriend to get out from under it before it collapsed again on him.

>> john was a hero every day. just constantly doing great things. so the fact that he did that doesn't surprise me at all.

>> daniel wassum's heroism was never in doubt. an iraq war veteran , his final brave act, shielding his two young daughters from falling debris.

>> he really loved those girls. loved his wife. what a great son he was.

>> his father found his son's wedding photo in the wreckage.

>> man, he was a good boy, guys. i wish you knew him.

>> in pearl, mississippi , angie kulmer took us through what's left of her mother's home.

>> this is her place.

>> she says her mother usually ignores the warnings.

>> what made her leave this time?

>> she had her grand babies with her. that's the only reason she left.

>> they got out safely, and later found the dog they left behind at a nearby animal shelter .

>> momma's so sorry i left you.

>> now since sunday, the biggest threat has been for these damaging tornados, but now the threat shifts over to flooding, as al mentioned, as these strong storms slowly spread east. matt and savannah?