TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Portion distortion: 8 serving sizes that may shock you

TODAY health and diet editor Madelyn Fernstrom shows how you can make better decisions when comes to serving sizes by quizzing KLG and Hoda on portions you should aim for when eating pasta, chicken and chocolate.

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>>> back now, ready to help you drop a dress size and get healthy by memorial day . last week we met 36-year-old mother of three beverly kelsey, who is ready to get out of her sweat pants and into her summer dress .

>> and 63-year-old luanne yost is tired of the yo-yo dieting and wants to fit in the little black dress over there and one way to drop pounds is by cutting calories.

>> how much should we be eating. our portion teller, our friend madelyn fernstrom has some answers. hel hello.

>> how are they doing?

>> they're doing really well. they're off to a great start. luanne has lost four pounds in one week and beverly has lost two.

>> you're going in the right direction.

>> right.

>> they're being healthy, cutting portions, exercising, doing all the right things in their toolbox approach. today, we're going to address what mostly is everyone's problem, which is we eat way too much, even of healthy foods. in our game today what we're going to do is have the ladies serve what they think is one serving and then we'll compare it to what is --

>> come over here.

>> and i'll get on this side.

>> okay. we're right here.

>> what you think is one serving, what is one portion.

>> that's not enough.

>> that's not enough?

>> okay. what you think is one portion.

>> one serving.

>> you think it is one. hold on. we're not done. okay. yeah. yeah.

>> and so, one serving is just one cup. it is about the size of a lightbulb. i think --

>> a light but be.

>> keep a lightbulb handy.

>> by the way, that looks so puny. i hate to say it, that's a portion?

>> something you can do is use smaller dishes, bulk it up with vegetables. you don't feel like it is so tiny.

>> who won? nobody. okay.

>> now, rice. what size serving do you think is good if you have it?

>> come on, beverly you know.

>> this is cooked. it is cooked. cooked brown rice .

>> the sauces you end up putting on the brown rice .

>> there you go.

>> that would be about what i would do. three scoops.

>> okay.

>> now, you really -- a little bit over, because a half cup is about that --

>> a coffee cup .

>> looks great on the table.

>> by the way, when you see how small that is, this is a half cup serving.

>> not saying we both have too much, i think.

>> let's get some --

>> go on to some protein. we'll look at some chicken breasts now. what do you think is one serving? we're talking about a four ounce chicken breast .

>> four ounces.

>> big thigh.

>> don't say that.

>> oh, my gosh. please let it be be bigger than that. get that one. that's the one i would pick too. this is what i would pick.

>> i would too, but i think --

>> you're looking at everybody is done with their decision? it is about four ounces. a computer mouse . i think luanne got this one.

>> this is what i would have put on my plate.

>> me too.

>> i would have eaten the whole thing.

>> and beverly .

>> here is where hodi has the whole dish.

>> this is hard. this is peanut butter .

>> scoop it up. what do you think is one serving of peanut butter ?

>> meaning a tablespoon or a serving?

>> what do you think a serving is. it is a two tablespoon serving. well, not really. what should it look like? spoons are different sizes.

>> let's see the reveal.

>> okay.

>> that's puny.

>> that's puny.

>> two tablespoons.

>> we have to move a little teeny bit quicker.

>> we have some nuts. what do you think is one serving of nuts? one serving? grab them out and plop them on the plate.

>> like nothing.

>> it is 27. 27.

>> let's see.

>> what is this going to be about. 22. the size of a post it note.

>> that's about right.

>> just a drop.

>> we have to do the cheese.

>> never mind.

>> it will be on our website.

>> the chocolate, what is a serving of chocolate?

>> oh, no.

>> that's it? we're doing two. okay.

>> and i would say that it is two.

>> good job.

>> you don't to eat the whole thing. have half a serving.

>> reveal on the cheese, four dice and -- what is the reveal on the chips?

>> on the chips. one serving is just a handful.

>> nothing. don't eat.

>> just quit eating.

>> put all that stuff on your table and have a great night.