TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Jewelry, desserts, more: 8 gifts for Mother’s Day

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a handful of items you can give for Mother’s Day, including coasters, trays, jewelry and products designed from Instagram photos.

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>>> in "today's style watch," mother's day is less than two weeks away. if you haven't found the perfect present for your mom, don't worry yet.

>> here with your ultimate mother's day gift guide, so happy she's home, "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin.

>> i only have 3:30 so i'll whisk through everything. i want to start with a special family. i work with amar'e stoudemire at the niknicks. they practice poses. they're in the chalkboard tee. they say mom rocks, i love mom, something for the kids to make. if you go to their shoes, there are matching shoes.

>> of course, they are.

>> love.

>> we love that. we're happy they're here.

>> welcome.

>> now let's move on. they were dancing. let's start with jewelry. okay. everything here is -- represents your family. everybody can sort of relate here. let's start up here. tracer rel, $50, you can make charms with your entire family on it. here we have cassidy, joan and cody and hannah, elle and mom. and laura in blue collection. and you can do all the charms. personalized.

>> i love the little dog tag thing. so cute.

>> starting at $35 if you want to add a charm.

>> so cute.

>> love it.

>> custom, $38 to $60. make pillows with all of your names on it. totes with all of your names on it and the model they use with swenson. i thought --

>> oh, my gosh, yeah.

>> cutting boards, everything specific. pillows, totes, makeup bags.

>> people love it.

>> people like it when it is customized like that.

>> wrapping paper , $15, mint, do wrapping paper , notebooks. and look at these behind you. look at these frames.

>> that's cute.

>> you can take, i don't know if you can see them, but anyway, you can make photos like that, and then the phone case is look at the instagram pillows, take them right off of instagram. i asked han wnah to make pictures when she was here. i made them into jewelry.

>> oh, my gosh. what a good idea.

>> she wouldn't tell me the secret.

>> i said, you have a secret. all of her things that she made --

>> that shows character at a young age. kids can, kids with a z. how great is that.

>> that's fantastic.

>> that's fantastic.

>> i made sam a copy and this is for joan. make sweaters, candles. stationary, platters, vases with your mom's initials on them. love that. i want to bring the family back in. you must try.

>> hoda, don't do it.

>> we're launching this, duct tape tell me what you think.

>> this is ice cream .

>> no, it's not.

>> cake in a jar, doesn't need to be refrigerated. do you want some?

>> everybody wave.

>> bye.