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TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Hoda tries to call Adam Levine’s cell

After Blake Shelton tweeted Adam Levine’s cellphone number on “The Voice,” TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford give the Maroon 5 singer a ring to see if he’ll pick up.

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>>> "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb , live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hello, everybody. welcome to booze day tuesday, april 29th . and we have a wonderful story about the giving of life, the actual gift of giving bone marrow for someone who changed, literally saved their life and changed it forever.

>> going to be great. we have two-time tony winner sutton foster is here. she was booked on our show and lo and behold today she gets nominated for her tony.

>> she's already won twice.

>> we planned that.

>> yes, we knew it might happen.

>> happy for her. so happy for her. affordable mother's day gifts coming up soon.

>> and drop a dress size by memorial day . the summer concert series list came out. i always wait for this, because even though we work here, we don't know who is coming. but now we do. the list is crazy awesome. we have --

>> very excited.

>> mariah carey . we happen to have sim mcgraw, rascal flats , among many. pharrell, train. because i'm happy

>> he's going to sing that. you know he is. and ed sheeren is here. we have lil' mix.

>> i love lil' mix. who is lil' mix.

>> you'll love him. neon trees, the list is so long. maroon 5. they're all going to be awesome. get ready in may. may 16th starting with mariah. get on down here.

>> what happens right after that is the tonys on another network, but always happy to celebrate broadway, june 8th , incredible hugh jackman will host the tony awards . he put aside a ticket for me personally.

>> what?

>> exactly right.

>> you didn't tell me that.

>> mm-hmm. i'm going to be going.

>> did you mean two tickets or just one?

>> i'll see if he can put aside two? frank said the same thing. i said, as far as i know it's just me.

>> good for you. anyway --

>> a show you and a dooi adore, a little sleeper show, a gentleman's guide to love and murder with ten nominations. cody and his girlfriend, cody doesn't like musicals. he pretended to like mine, but we -- i sent him last week, cody , one of the funniest things you'll ever see in your life. we had jefferson mays on. he totally agreed. those are 24-year-olds. and it is an old-fashioned musical in the best sense. but it is funny as all get out.

>> and the other thing that just made me so excited today --

>> this is great.

>> beautiful, the musical that carole king won, only have seen it five times, it got seven nominations.

>> including jesse muler who plays carole king who is lovely and wonderful.

>> there were a lot of surprises because they were missing from the list of nominees. a lot of things that surprised people.

>> some really did expect -- neil patrick harris was nominated for --

>> but denzel washington was not nominated for " raisin in the sun " and everyone thought that was a lock.

>> james franco of "mice and men" was not. and daniel ratcliff who they say gives the performance of a lifetime.

>> and also michelle williams was not nominated for her leading role in "cabaret," which, again, was surprising.

>> but we have tony nominee sutton foster , just nominated for "violet".

>> good for her. we had a busy day yesterday. we hosted -- remember we told you the big awards called the matrix awards, celebrate women in communication, gloria steinem was there, queen latifah was there, we had our wine. mary j. blige was there.

>> we made a few wine jokes, however it was not a big drinking day for you and i, at all, because when you're hosting that, you're up on the dais at the waldorf astoria and we are literally in between the -- whoever is speaking, huge speakers, so any little bite of lunch you take or any sip you take, the whole world is going to see it.

>> you can't eat. you're starving because you're in the -- on the jumbo tron the whole thing. and you sit there like this looking at your food wishing you could eat it and you can't.

>> and your wine. and would you like a sip.

>> i want to drink it.

>> okay, so anyway, hoda brought a little rap and congratulations to everybody that won.

>> amazing, amazing ladies.

>> and everybody deserving. and it was so freaking freezing there. i'm menopausal. i'm post menopausal. i'm post, post menopausal. i'm half dead. but i am always hot. right? i'm like this, in a little -- it is so -- and there is a vent, so i already have a severe herniated disc, going to physical therapy for a month now, three times a week. i'm like this, when it is finally over, these things take -- two and a half hours. i say good-bye, bye, hodi, they give you a gift bag, right? heavy. full of books. and i go to the ladies room, say hello to liz smith , let her go first, i got to go to connecticut. hodi says, i don't need a pit stop , i live up the street.

>> get to it, got part.

>> i get to the steps that hoda has just gone down a few minute s before, and i go to grab the bannister, i already paralyzes d in my neck because of the cold on it --

>> get to it.

>> stop it. then the gift bag weighing me down.

>> what happened?

>> i'll take my town if you don't stop. i go to grab it, i miss, as my first step goes down, i tumbled ten --

>> end over end .

>> like a stunt girl, unbelievable. i was three or four ladies. one named karen i worked with, thank god for her. i land, i literally could not believe it.

>> look at the pictures. we have proof.

>> yeah.

>> anyway --

>> that's me at home. i had -- i was icing everything that i could talk about. and then get home and poor bambino apparently need to go and have that gland in his bottom popped, so he was in the cone of shame. so i said to cody , cody , you got to take a picture. we're the most pathetic creatures on the earth. he goes, ma, you look 90.

>> her knee is totally -- we took a picture earlier, but it is banged up and swollen and not great.

>> you're so shook, shaken up, but at the same time, you're so grateful. i said, thank you, god, i didn't break my neck, i didn't break a nail. then i'm thinking i always thought the only thing i've never done in this business is porn, but i've not done stunts and i think now i'm ready because i -- not only did i stand up, i realized one of jen miller's ears was missing, i got down to look for the earring.

>> i'm glad you're okay. that's always scary.

>> the picture of the knee somebody wanted to see. you were kind. you called me in the car.

>> i called and you were very upset.

>> i cried.

>> she did cry.

>> you know what will make you cry? little house on the prairie reunion tomorrow.

>> the eight cast members are all going to be here, including melissa gilbert and remember evil nelly, evil nelly is coming too.

>> michael landon not, of course, because he passed away, but it is going to be fun.

>> we have got something very important to discuss. yesterday on "the voice," blake shelton was being sneaky and maybe a little unkind and he tweeted adam levine 's phone number .

>> blake might be not perfect?

>> so he took adam's home -- personal cell phone number, the one that all of his friends have and tweeted it out to the world. okay. and, you know, i remember that is not a great thing -- what is your password, brit? okay. that's loud. she'll change it. i'm not using my phone because the last thing i used my phone on the air, it happened to me. britney doesn't mind. we'll call adam. i think we can do it. his number is 3110-493 -- let's put it on speaker. here we go. so excited. .

>> oh.

>> that's called a busy call.

>> i guess everyone tried to call and it is a thing. he has to change his number. he has to change all the times his number is used on credit card stuff. his friends are going to be upset.

>> i'm not going to hold up britney's phone. that's not nice.

>> don't do it.

>> i didn't do it.