TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Willie, Tamron take on professional arm wrestler

Willie Geist and Tamron Hall compete againstthe stars of AMC’s “Game of Arms,” who visit TODAY to offer a glimpse of the wild world of arm wrestling and show off their own prowess.

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>>> so they have regular jobs by day, but they arm wrestle by night. they're the stars of amc's "game of arms." a look inside the raw and highly competitive world of arm wrestling .

>> three of the competitors are here with me, dan , mike, and rob. guys, you're grunting, doing all kinds of things. good to see you.

>> good to see you, too.

>> so dan , you were telling me, to prepare for this, you guys do all kinds of strange workouts. it's more than just the guns.

>> yeah. all of us do something different individually. a lot of things are pull-ups and pressures and cables. but we all have little silly feats of strength stuff that we like to do.

>> i train my mind. i watch them work out and i sit there and i study. they just find their weakest angle.

>> does he have a weakest angle?

>> you know where it is.

>> how heated are these competitions?

>> super heated.

>> it gets ugly?

>> got to bring bouncers over there to break up just in case.

>> i can only imagine.

>> when you see this show -- i first saw it advertised, i thought, is this a real competition? it's real.

>> it's real, yeah. nothing is scripted. nothing is fake. it's completely real. and the amount of energy there is just -- it's fun.

>> you can feel it as soon as you walk in the room. it's crazy.

>> the audience is like, they pick their favorite and they're behind them. like last tournament i was at, you're not just arm wrestling the guy across from you. you're arm wrestling his whole team and whole family and whole fan base. they want to kill you through their guy.

>> and you're a chemistry teacher, right?

>> oh yeah.

>> that's crazy. your students must be afridaid of you.

>> before i can start my lesson, these kids are like hey, guys.

>> nice. tamron , you're going to put them to the test.

>> as i understand it, we're going to see how tough they are. this is a warm-up before big willie comes around. this is a frying pan . see if you can bend it.

>> let's see.

>> oh! are you serious? is that real?

>> nice.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> this is not plastic, for anybody who thought.

>> okay, one more. okay, come on.

>> whoa!

>> oh, my goodness.

>> i'm afraid what you're going to do with this ball. come on, dan .

>> like it's nothing. that's crazy.

>> willie , are you ready?

>> that's ridiculous.

>> are you ready?

>> he just picked up on that one.

>> who's going to take on willie ?

>> we're going to have rob.

>> the baby of the bunch.

>> i'm supposed to arm wrestle a guy who just bent a frying pan ?

>> that's not your guy. you're not going against him.

>> keep that handy.

>> and we'll help you if you want.

>> i should warn you, i've seen "over the top" several times. with stallone.

>> center of the table. no cheating. you got to start with your wrist straight. i'm going to say ready, go. and then it's on.

>> this is terrible.

>> be ready. ready, go!

>> oh, no, no. i don't want your charity.

>> he doesn't want charity.

>> drive it right in. let's go.

>> it's in your head.

>> all right, go ahead.

>> ready, go.

>> come on.

>> come on, willie !

>> oh!

>> he's a bit of a cheater over here.

>> he's not the most regular guy.

>> i want to see the two of you.

>> we're delicate flowers.

>> tamron , get in there. the season finale of "game of arms" is tonight on amc. go ahead, tamron . take him out. go easy on him. one, two, three.