TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

How to spring-clean your grimy gadgets

TODAY’s digital expert, Mario Armstrong, gives viewers advice on how to do some spring cleaning on your keyboards and remote controls.

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>>> here's a little nugget to go with your cereal this morning. your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than your toilet handle. you're welcome.

>> disgusting. so we're going to help you do a little spring cleaning this morning. when it comes to electronics, you need to be extra careful. mario armstrong is here with what to use, what not to use. mario , good morning.

>> hey, everybody.

>> let's start off with the tv. because you know kids go right like that.

>> fingerprints are all over it. the deal is use a microfiber cloth . i know that can seem a bit difficult to get the fingerprints off. you can use filtered water, spray it on to the microfiber cloth .

>> where do you get that?

>> any regular store. some even come with the actual tv set itself. the idea is no harsh chemicals, no windex, nothing like that.

>> let's cruise over to your smaller screens. ipads, laptops, desk top .

>> a lot of dirt and grime.

>> the keyboard is often hard to clean.

>> so for a keyboard, we're going to talk about that in just a second. you use compressed air . for your smaller screens, like say an ipad or phone or tablet, you want to use a microfiber cloth . you can just wipe it right down. if you don't believe me, it actually works.

>> no, i believe you.

>> if it doesn't really do the job, just a little bit of filtered water, you spray. you'll see a lot of products in the stores that you can actually spray on. like this is actually like a foam that you can actually spray and put it on to your device. but i want you to be very careful and do your homework and make sure that it's right for the device for you.

>> okay.

>> so check with the manufacturer of that device.

>> and make sure it's okay.

>> the compressed air , you just blast in between the keys?

>> just blast in between the keys. i like to turn it at an angle. you start seeing things blast out of there. don't worry if you see a little bit of the condensation getting on there. it's okay. and a good smack on the back knocks it all out.

>> that's gross. but never use water or wipes or anything, right?

>> you don't want to use wipes. i know in an office situation, a lot of people want to grab those hand wipes and wipe it down. that's not a good idea.

>> what are we doing here?

>> waterproof keyboard. so this is great for like the kids in the family. you have jelly or jam or whatever they're using. this is washable by logitech. got this off of amazon. this is totally washable. you can't put the cable.

>> there goes the cable.

>> it's got a cap. but it is washable, which is great.

>> and it's not that expensive. it's like $30 something.

>> how about the mouse pad ? or the mouse. excuse me.

>> the optical mouse . no water, no cleaning. you just want to take a q tip . just right on the inside. it's a little glass in there. just want to wipe that down. so if you feel like your mouse isn't giving you the best control or anything like that, if you want to wipe down the top, just some soap and warm water will be just fine.

>> quickly, headphones. disgusting.

>> yes, especially the earbuds. so get a little alcohol, rub that wax and get that thing cleaned off before you put it back in your ear. on phone screens, microfiber cloth is good. on remotes, i know a lot of roommates and kids are handing this around. you can just wipe this down with a little bit of rubbing alcohol or just take a warm cloth and wipe it right off.

>> all right.

>> and you'll be in good shape. sick-free.

>> clean for spring. mario armstrong,