TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Robinson Cano pranks Yankees fans on ‘Tonight’

The baseball star surprised Yankees fans who heckled him on “The Tonight Show.” The fans did a quick about-face when Cano confronted them.

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>>> last night, jimmy fallon conducted an interesting social experiment using baseball player robinson cano . he's the star second baseman who defected from the yankees last year to join the seattle mariners for a lot of cash, $240 million, to be exact. tonight, cano returns to yankee stadium for the first time as a mariner, and before the game , jimmy invited some diehard yankees fans to give their reaction. but there was a big twist.

>> boo! you no longer welcome here. bye.

>> say it again.

>> you no longer -- [ laughter ]

>> you [ bleep ]!

>> that was awesome. try it again.

>> should i try it again?

>> how you doing? welcome back to new york .

>> you should have stayed here. winners is in new york , not in seattle.

>> try doing that one more time.

>> boo! stay in seattle. we don't need you in new york . hey! how are you?

>> good, how you doing?

>> boo!

>> actually, try one more.

>> one more? oh [ bleep ].

>> i love it.

>> best ever.

>> great social experiment.

>> that fallon -- i mean, close the door , it's done. it never gets any better.

>> boo -- how you doing?

>> that says everything about human