TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Billy Joel takes friendly swipe at Elton John

At Howard Stern’s live Town Hall on Monday, Billy Joel said he was annoyed by being asked why he doesn’t write more songs. Joel said when Elton John asked him that, he told him, “Why don't you make less albums?"

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>>> well, the piano man is opening up. billy joel took part in a candid town hall discussion with howard stern on monday. it was broadcast live on howard 's show for sirius xm radio . during one exchange, howard pressed billy on why he doesn't write new songs, leading billy to take a swipe at another music legend.

>> i just don't want to. everybody has a hard time understanding that. why don't you write new songs? well, you have to want to write new songs. i don't want to. elton would say the ultimate, why don't you write another album? when are you going to make another album? and i used to say to him, why don't you make less albums?

>> it was good-natured.

>> yeah. later, billy shared the stage with some other stars like tony bennett , melissa etheridge . some good impersonations i heard as well.

>> just some great music. howard is a fantastic interviewer and it's amazing what he gets out of people. i had a good time. it was a lot of fun.