TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

People connect online to aid tornado victims

#PrayforTupelo is trending on Instagram  as many reach out through social media to try to help storm victims in the South. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> for carson in the orange room . one of the great things about social media is that we're hearing from people now who want to help the victims in these storms down south.

>> absolutely. we've been seeing this trend recently. and yet again this morning as we wake up to these heartbreaking images out of mississippi. we're also waking up to people who want to help. in fact, the #prayfortupelo, guys, is trending on instagram. this picture was taken -- this is violet mitchell's home in tupelo. i should say her street this morning. just absolutely devastating. no words here. this image comes to us -- this is constance lambert. she was reunited with her dog after it was lost during the tornado. she was actually away from home, rushed back, and saw her dog there on the street. this is from memphis news and their twitter account. but so many people are reaching out to help. this is out of arkansas. people are beginning to pick up the pieces there in north little rock after a horrifying night and day there. volunteers have been collecting water, blankets, all of those things we know that people need during this time. this one will bring a smile to your face. this is a little dog that was lost from its family. he was actually in a kennel, his kennel was found two miles away from the family's home. he's lucky to be a-okay. he had his tags on him and thus was able to be reunited with his family.

>>> and this dog, talking about social media and how people can help out and help. this boxer roy was reunited with his owners in vilonia after they posted a plea online saying please help us find our sweet and loving boxer. now roy and family are back together. so let us know, send your pictures, and i guess with the #orangeroom, just your thoughts, letting the people know in arkansas and mississippi and the areas impacted by this that we are all there with them this morning.