Image: Mariah Carey
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TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Mariah, Usher, more! Concert series lineup revealed

The Toyota Concert Series on TODAY returns May 16 with Mariah Carey leading a star-studded lineup, including Pharrell, Maroon 5, Usher, and Fifth Harmony.

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>> now back to the guys with an announcement that will make you forget about this past winter.

>> yes, i hope.

>> this is a sure sign of summer. we always look forward to this. without further adio, our summer concert lineup.

>> tamron gave you the worst clues a few moments ago, and now it is time for the big reveal. take a look.

>> the toyota concert series is back.

>> my people!

>> it all starts live on the plaza may 16th with mariah carey .

>> that's how you do it.