TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

At least 11 killed overnight across South

The strong storms knocked out power in Pearl, Miss., one of the regions hit hard by tornadoes that have devastated the South and taken lives. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> these storms knocked out the power in pearl, mississippi , that's where we find nbc's dylan dreyer this morning. dylan , good morning, what's the situation there?

>> good morning, savannah. you know, there's an eerie calm as the sun comes up over pearl, mississippi . 24 hours ago, this was a neighborhood. these were people's homes. and now everything is just wiped out. sure, you can find pieces of people's lives here. this clock. this bed right behind me. but those very well could have blown over from another home. now, amazingly, everyone here in highland's mobile home park is safe and accounted for. there were reports of three injuries, but none of those were life-threatening. now, there were many warnings issued yesterday for these storms, especially monday evening. ironically, the national weather service for jackson is located just about five miles from here at the jackson airport. they issued the warnings for this particular storm at around 5:30 local time monday evening. now, these storms in april, you tend to get your long track tornados, those tornados that stay on the ground for a long period of time. this tornado hit a large swath of the jackson metro area , including here in pearl, in brandon, and in richland, mississippi , where one woman was killed when her car was tossed. we are expecting another round of storms to fire up today, but they should not be as strong as yesterday. as al mentioned, the threat of the most severe storms pushes into eastern mississippi and most of alabama. but still, everyone here will remain on alert. matt and savannah.

>> all right, dylan , thank you very much. hard-hit in that town. we'll continue to follow these storms, have much more throughout the morning.