TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Al Roker in Alabama tornado zone: ‘It is a mess here’

A new string of powerful tornadoes hit the South, claiming at least 11 more victims. Homes have been leveled and power knocked out to tens of thousands. Al Roker reports.

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>> breaking news.

>> they're covering that story, no question.

>> it was one of the worst severe weather outbreaks of the year.

>> 106 tornado reports, that's sunday alone, including at least 58 in the past 24 hours . in all, at least 28 people have died, 11 died overnight. and the threat is not over. right now, tornado watches are posted in at least six states. al and dylan have it covered. dylan is in hard-hit mississippi . but let's begin with al. he's in kimberly, alabama. that's 20 miles north of birmingham . al, good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. and this is what's left of the kimberly church of god . completely destroyed. down the block, the town hall has been destroyed, as has been the fire department . it is a mess here. and this storm system is a slow mover. take a look at just from yesterday into last night as these storms sweep across the southeast, depositing so many storms, so many tornados after a slow start to the season. 80 tornado reports in the last 24 hours . 174 wind damage reports. 64 hail reports. and guess what, we're not even close to being done just yet.

>> massive tornado !

>> another violent night. across a huge swath of the south. powerful storms bearing down with the bull's eye on birmingham . and tearing through tupelo, ripping homes from their foundations and families apart.

>> this could be deadly.

>> our nbc station had to evacuate while on air. one woman posted #home on instagram. the rest of her street levelled. pray for tupelo, she wrote. at least 58 twisters touching down monday blamed for a reported 11 deaths in three states.

>> that's a tornado .

>> storm chasers in louisville, mississippi , spotted this twister before it tore through homes. the winston medical center taking a direct hit . cars in the parking lot left stacked and scattered across the field .

>> we heard a train coming and we got our employees and what patients we had in the clinic in the safest place we could get. we honestly felt god's hand of protection around it.

>> thankfully, no one was injured. residents across eight states including arkansas, kansas, mississippi , and missouri are cleaning up after 31 confirmed tornados barrelled through the region on sunday. michelle mcgee and her family are happy to be alive after riding out the tornado inside their home.

>> you could hear the cracks and the pops all around us and those doors just kind of eased on top of us and just kind of made a little tepee surrounding us, like angels just holding those doors right there is how it felt.

>> this is all that remains.

>> this is my life that i worked so hard for, and it's just -- laying there in pieces. so what do you do now?

>> so she's picking up those pieces.

>> mom.

>> holding on to reminders of life before the storm. and unfortunately, we're going to see another repeat of this. as you look at the radar right now, we've got severe storms pushing their way with tornado watches. you can see right now we've got active storms in the panhandle of florida, stretching all the way on up into georgia, just to the east of atlanta. tornado watches in effect there. now what's going to happen today, this low pressure system , it's a slow mover. and it's very potent. it's got a jet stream that's going to add to the sheer. add to that, that strong jet stream , that sheer, and ahead of it, a deep, deep pool of moisture. gulf moisture coming out, fueling these storms. so here we go again today. a risk of strong storms. a wide area, once again, that stretches all the way from the gulf into the southeast. we've got a strong risk in this very same area, guys, throughout parts of birmingham , alabama, down into hattiesburg, mississippi . a strong risk for tornados, damaging winds, and hail as well. and last night, guys, we got a little bit of a taste of what it's like to live through these tornado warnings . we were actually -- we heard the tornado sirens going off in our hotel. they told everybody, get out of their rooms and head to the ballroom, because there was a tornado barreling down on birmingham . luckily, it dissipated, but i've got to tell you, it was some frightening moments. all my years doing this, never had that happen before.

>> all right, al. our thoughts are with the people down there. thanks for your report on that.