TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

Hoda: How you feel on inside is what matters

AS the ladies participate in #LoveYourSelfie week, Kathie Lee says when she’s not on the air or at the theater, she doesn’t worry about her body image at all, while Hoda explains why it’s more important how you feel on the inside.

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>>> it is time for our special series love your selfie, reclaiming beauty. and today it is about the complicated relationship women have with their mirrors.

>> a recent dove survey found that one in three women say the mirror feels like her cruelest critic and nine out of ten said they felt badly when they looked in the mirror, choosing words like fat and unattractive to describe what they see.

>> we flekt reflected on what we see. take a look.

>> i see me. i see me. an older version of the same woman. wiser. little plumper, she's fine. she's all i got.

>> i see a body that i'm glad to be in because when, you know, it was six years ago that i had breast cancer and i was always very critical of my body all the time, i was always looking at it and poking it and when you're just happy that you have what you have, you feel lucky.

>> if i'm not working, i don't look at myself at all. only time it matters is if i have to go on camera or take pictures or something like that. when i'm not around the theater or i'm not around a set, i don't wear makeup, don't wear spanx and don't do my hair and i love my scrunchy.

>> stomach. i see my stomach first. that's why i'm wearing this blousy sweater because i like things that hang long and mask a little bit. i probably look there first.

>> i looking back now wish i had been more careful about some of the things i would say in front of my daughter. she's got a very, very healthy self-image, but i use humor a lot in my life. and so i would say things, like, do you believe -- that kind of stuff trying to be funny. i hope it didn't do much damage long term.

>> yes. you know when you wake up and you have, like, baggie eyes because you didn't sleep much, that initial look-see in the mirror when you go, oh, but the days you get rest, and you wake up and suddenly that day feels awesome.

>> i guess my reaction would be my stomach, but i have this stomach because i had two cesarean sections , so i could have my children. so you have to say to yourself, was it worth it and that's a stupid question.

>> i look -- i think i look happy. i don't know. i feel happy. i hope, you know, you hope what you feel inside is how you look.

>> i love that, hodi.

>> that turned out much better than we thought.

>> see, now i love us. tomorrow as part of the series, tony winner sutton foster , such a talent, joins us to talk about beauty, self-image and her new show, which got rave reviews. i'm sure there is a tony in her future.