TODAY   |  April 29, 2014

Celeb news: Beyonce, Jay Z announce concert tour

Bonnie Fuller from and TV correspondent Roseanne Colletti dish on superstars Beyonce and Jay Z announcing a summer concert tour, George Clooney’s reported engagement and Mila Kunis flashing her alleged baby bump over the weekend.

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday, time for "today's buzz." we give you the inside scoop on all the hot, hot hollywood gossip that you missed over the weekend.

>> here with all the celebrity news you can't live without are bonnie fuller , president and editor in chief of and from nbc's gossip gram, roseann colletti. hello, ladies.

>> trouble in the midwest and stuff, but most people are out, and might not have heard that george clooney is he officially off the market?

>> well, it is not official as in confirmed by his publicist.

>> but enough said.

>> yes. we believe -- apparently they told edward norton in a restaurant in nobu, in l.a., that -- he was with cindy crawford and edward came over to the table and she's wearing this ring and they told him the news that they were engaged.

>> what do you make of how quickly it happened after --

>> i think everyone is asking who this woman is. he only met amal alamuddin in october. it is seven months. it is very quick. she's an oxford educated british human rights attorney.

>> yes.

>> speaks three languages.

>> yes.

>> yeah.

>> she is super smart. and the big question, of course, is going to be are they going to have a commuter relationship. they already had dates all over the world.

>> she lives in london. he's based in l.a. he's taken her to the white house , to meet president obama .

>> i'm sure to lake como .

>> life is going to be good.

>> i want her life.

>> let's talk about beyonce and jay-z.

>> for the first time, they're going to tour together. it kicks off in miami on may 25th . wraps up in august, in san francisco . 16 american cities , two canadians in that group. not new york barclay center.

>> why?

>> don't know yet. some dates may be announced later.

>> are the songs collaborations or he sings and then she sings --

>> i think it is going to be a combination. they love to perform together. and, i mean, she has her album, beyonce did fantastic, but the thing is she just finished a year long world tour .

>> ivy blue will be singing three-part harmony with them pretty soon.

>> who knows. maybe it is going to be like a maternity tour. they're going to be together.

>> and if you can have a lot of help and get a lot of rest between each gig, being together --

>> what about mila kunis ?

>> what's your point?

>> another unconfirmed engagement, marriage, baby bump.

>> did they confirm that they're engaged?

>> she's wearing a rock. but she also, though, was flashing. if it wasn't the baby bump, it was a huge food bump all weekend. the couple were at the stagecoach music festival in california. look at that.

>> she wasn't trying to hide it.

>> no.

>> i think that's --

>> all the barbecue.

>> that's a baby bump?

>> that is like a bagel.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> she kept wearing these short tops and he was cradling her.

>> reportedly the baby is due sometime in october.

>> they're a sweet couple.

>> my daughter was out at that this -- the stagecoach, and so much fun.

>> is that it?

>> there is another one. jennifer lawrence , supposedly -- is she engaged or not?

>> another unconfirmed. what happened is she goes out in london with nicholas holt, her long time boyfriend, and she's wearing a big heart shaped turquoise ring with gold all around it. there you see it. and she actually, like, held up her hand. so people, of course, are wondering if she's engaged.

>> i thought somebody from her camp said it is not -- it is just a ring she loves and only fits that finger. they're denying it.

>> that's the story. she has to be careful with what she's wearing on that finger because she has been with nick holt for quite a while now.

>> is orlando bloom dating selena gomez ? what is that picture?

>> they were together. this is interesting. they went to a chelsea handler show on the weekend and came together and left together. we saw -- heard this of hollywood life and they were having a great time together. met each other before --

>> she's unfollowed the kendal and kylie.

>> and bieber. but he just release td a new song yesterday and it is all about her, clearly all about her.

>> all right. coming up when you look in the mirror, what did you see?