TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

How to cut calories from BBQ ribs, baked beans

Nutritionist Joy Bauer joins TODAY to reveal techniques for cutting calories from your favorite foods without cutting flavor.

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>>> if you're invited to a backyard cookout this summer, keep in mind the average person piles more than 2,200 calories on one plate, and that is before you've gone back for your seconds.

>> to we're at 44, because we're going back to seconds. joy bauer is here to show you how to build a better barbecue and cut those calories to 855 without cutting any of the taste. joy, it's good to see you. tamron and i are a little worried that you're messing with our barbecue.

>> i had a lot of fun in my kitchen and i really did come up with simple, skinny versions of a lot of your favorites. you're going to eat your way through the segment and tell the truth. ribs. a typical fall raull rack of barbecue ribs will run you 1240 calories. there's a lot of bone. there's not that much meat on here. so i wanted to still give you that messy, down and dirty eat with your hands feeling. so this is what i did. i took pork tenderloin , which is completely lean. i cut it into strips. i soaked it and marinated it in a low sugar barbecue sauce . so i used stubbs original, but you can use any sauce you want to. you want it to be no more than 15 calories per tablespoon. i stuck it through skewers and went ahead and grilled it. this one, a decent amount, 620 calories.

>> so you cut it in half.

>> so for the same amount of calories as that one, you could have double the portion.

>> you ready?

>> taste it?

>> please do. and there's much more protein in this version. tasty.

>> right?

>> and you can slather on extra barbecue sauce if you want.

>> as long as you've got the stubbs, you're good with me.

>> now we're going over to baked bean . a homemade baked bean recipe will run you just for a measly half a cup, 300 calories.

>> i thought beans, it's protein, you're safe.

>> sugar.

>> a lot of times they're putting in fatty bacon. i call these better baked beans . two cans of drained, rinsed navy or pinto beans. one onion that's been chopped and sauteed. here comes the barbecue sauce . and here's my secret ingredient . one table soon of balsamic vinegar. you stir this up, you're going to pour it into a cat rosserole dish, pop it into the oven for about an hour, and you get 135 calories.

>> willie and i are -- i'm going to compare.

>> that's where i was going.

>> i was going to this one, too.

>> now taste mine.

>> because we're both baked beans freaks.

>> uh-oh.

>> okay. you said be honest.

>> i want you to be honest.

>> it's tasty. but this does taste a little bit better. but it's tasty. it's good. it's good. if this were the only option, i'd eat the whole pan.

>> okay.

>> so you're missing the sugar and the bacon basically?

>> there's no sugar in this at all. here's the thing. if you were to make the swap starting on memorial day throughout the summer, you will save yourself the calorie equivalent of 43 hot dogs .

>> it's worth it.

>> these are good.

>> if i could save this off of this.

>> okay, just quickly here. now we're going for potato salad .

>> oh yeah.

>> a lot of fatty mayo, all starch. one cup, 420 calories. so i went in a different direction here. for presentation, i cut little small red potatoes in half and i roasted them. then i made this awesome yogurt topping by taking nonfat greek yogurt , a little bit of lemon juice , a little bit of dill. and i popped it right on top. so two of those for only 50 calories, which means that instead of that one cup of fatty potato salad , you could have 16.

>> that's a winner.

>> joy, we're going to have to do the coleslaw next time.

>> these recipes are on the