TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

Natalie: ‘Does my butt look big in these jeans?’

As part of TODAY’s special series “Love Your Selfie, Reclaiming Beauty,” the show’s anchors reflect on what they see, both good and bad, when they look in the mirror.

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>> "today's" "love your selfie" is brought to you by dove. dove wants every woman's encounter with a mirror to be a positive affirmation of her beauty.

>> now to our special series

"love your selfie: reclaiming beauty." today we want to know when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

>> dove recently did a study on how women feel about what they see when they look in the mirror. they found only one in five of the women polled looked in the mirror to remind themselves how good they look.

>> we decided to take a long, hard look at ourselves and reflect on what we see.

>> i see my mom. my dad. mostly, of course, i see me.

>> my view on mirrors is there's not a whole lot i can do about what i'm seeing in the reflection. so i just don't think about it too much.

>> i see a woman who is doing a good job of trying to maintain what she has and working to improve.

>> when i look in the mirror, i don't know, i see a middle-aged bald black man.

>> does my butt look big in these jeans? this is uncomfortable.

>> i'm looking for just, real quick, how bad do i need to shave this morning? do i really have to? could i save the two minutes?

>> my hair looks terrible. i don't know about these jeans.

>> you just want to make sure everything's, you know, where it's supposed to be.

>> i'm not terribly fond of my right cheek. it's kind of a chipmunk cheek, it sticks out. there's no getting around it.

>> i'm not fond of my narrow hips and short waist. but it's not a pity party.

>> this is a hard one because there are so many little areas. i love my eyes. i think my eyes kind of say a lot about who i am.

>> i love my hair. and sometimes i'm not fond of my hair.

>> i have to say i love my hair because i don't have to do anything to it. it just doesn't move. it's wind tunnel tested.

>> i mean, it's a necessary evil . it is what it is. it's a utility.

>> i don't think any woman feels really comfortable. i don't mind mirrors. i don't avoid them. i just don't sit there and stare at them.

>> if i could change any body part by waving a magic wand , i guess the man boobs.

>> i guess i would add -- i don't know, a little more curve here. i have a boy body.

>> i actually don't think i would change anything about my appearance.

>> fix the wrinkles that are popping up over time . i mean, those are things that women of my age, you start to notice things. the gray hairs a little bit more.

>> as a woman, there are those days you feel bloated. you don't feel necessarily your best. it doesn't affect my entire day. but in that moment, yeah.

>> if there's something bad going on, you just got to roll with it for that day or the next day or maybe the day after that.

>> i think at this point, given from where i've come, i'm happy with what i see. so i don't think about it during the day.

>> i remember going through a phase where i felt like my chin was breaking out all the time. i know any time i have something that i feel like others are looking at, it makes me a little insecure about myself.

>> it's very revealing thing there. you know, it's funny, just now when i was looking at -- i didn't know what clips they were going to pick. i said my hair. it's been a journey knowing myself and loving my selfie. when i cut my hair, i was 18. i can't tell you how many negative things people said. because hair, for women, defines us.

>> especially for black women.

>> and long hair. when i got into national news six years ago, i had short hair. i had so many angry letters from people who say mean things about me with short hair.

>> really?

>> yeah. and i had to really learn to embrace short hair. because for women, it's seen as a measure of your beauty. and somehow i wasn't beautiful because i had short hair.

>> your hair makes you distinctive. that's one of the things i love about you.

>> it was really hard. i had to say my most insecure moment in six years of national tv , reading notes from people who thought things about me because of my hair.

>> we like it. you know that.

>> to heck with them.

>> we have to all love our selfies, whatever we bring to the table. tomorrow, the changing face of modelling, including a 69-year-old lingerie model. hey, now. and a mom on a mission of inclusion. i love that. and you can find more about the series on our website you guys open up as well. it's great to see men do the same thing and show our vulnerabilities.

>> i think we're probably the same. i just don't think about it as much. i brush my teeth. we check it in the makeup room. at night. just not a big part of my life.

>> did you check your teeth -- there's something.

>> is the broccoli still there?